About IPS


IPS Logistics Group provides integrated logistics services to key contracted clients, through quality locations and facilities. We are one of Australia’s leading international logistics operators, annually supervising the warehousing, packing, shipment and delivery of a wide range of imported and exported products for various industry sectors.

But we do more than simply move your goods. In addition to our end-to-end logistics services, we work closely with our clients to establish what you need and how it can be achieved. We also own and have access to significant infrastructure assets, including road and rail fleets, warehousing, and port infrastructure. And because the leadership team are shareholders in the business, we are committed to making it work for you. It means that we consistently deliver measurable cost and time savings to our clients.

About IPS

Our History

Inland Packing & Storage commenced operation in 1997 in Narrabri, New South Wales. From its earliest days, it has been a leader in international logistics.

We started in agribusiness – handling cotton and later wheat. As our reputation grew, so did our capabilities, and we were soon handling hundreds of thousands of tonnes of paper, timber, seeds, grains, protein meals and other general cargo commodities each year. We also quickly grew our operations, expanding to include purpose-built facilities in the three major east-coast Australian ports – Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

This growth was facilitated by our rigorous procedures and quality controls – including computer-based logistics and innovative commodity-based solutions, modern purpose-built facilities and independent on-site testing.

In 2006 and 2007, we expanded the business again – on two fronts. 

In addition to warehousing, we broadened our supply chain to include freight forwarding, customs broking and transport services. And in addition to agribusiness, we expanded our industry sectors to include mining, construction, packaging, furniture, homewares and food.

This expansion has been a strategic move to insulate the business against the fluctuating risks posed by the agricultural industry, such as droughts and crop failures. It has also opened the door to new opportunities, and enables more Australian businesses to access the exceptional service that IPS provides.